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The Regis Try & Buy Column Program gives you the opportunity to try a new Regis HPLC or SFC column in your lab without risk. Experience the outstanding quality, reproducibility, reliability and value Regis columns have to offer. We are so confident that Regis columns are the right choice for your separation needs that we will give you 35% off the purchase of the column just for trying it! 


Getting Started is Easy
  • Complete the column request form on this page, or contact a Regis Sales Representative
  • We will send you a new analytical column of your choice to evaluate for up to 90 days.Complete a brief survey after your demo trial periodComplete a brief survey after your demo trial period
  • Happy with the column results? Purchase the column at the end of your trial period and receive a 35% discount off the list price. Not happy with the column results? Return the column back to Regis at our expense.
  • Complete and submit a brief survey after your demo trial period.
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REGIS HPLC and SFC Columns

Polysaccharide Columns

Most popular type of CSP, suitable for a wide range of chiral compounds.  REFLECT columns deliver excellent peak shape, improved resolution and higher purity separations when compared to competing polysaccharide chiral columns. REFLECT columns are available in Coated and Immobilized phases for analytical to preparative separations.

CELERIS Achiral SFC Columns

Designed for SFC separations delivering high capacity, broad selectivity, excellent peak shapes, and outstanding reproducibility over long column lifetimes, at a price lower than competing achiral SFC columns. CELERIS columns are available in a wide range of phases in analytical and preparative sizes.

WHELK-O® 1 Chiral Columns

Excellent method development column for a wide range of compound classes. Proprietary WHELK-O® 1 columns are covalently bonded for long life and broad mobile phase compatibility, and offer alternative selectivity to polysaccharide chiral column phases. WHELK-O® 1 columns are available in analytical and preparative sizes.

WHELK-O® 1 Core Chiral Columns

WHELK-O® chiral stationary phase is bonded to 2.7 µm core-shell particles for faster, highly efficient separations without increasing system back-pressure. Rapid screening of chiral samples can be performed in a fraction of the the time, improving throughput by greater than 3X.

EVOKE C18 HPLC Columns

Optimized for high efficiency separations and excellent column-to-column reproducibility for complex separation challenges. EVOKE C18 columns are available in 1.8 µm to 20 µm particle sizes.

Demo Program Details
Complete the column request form or contact a Regis representative a to get started.  At the end of your trial period, complete a brief column evaluation survey. If you choose to purchase the column, a Regis Sales Representative will provide a quote reflecting the 35% discount.  If you choose to return the column, it must be returned within 10 days in the original packaging and shipped back to REGIS using the prepaid shipping label provided by your Regis Sales Representative.
IAM columns and any column brand larger than 4.6mm ID is excluded from this program.   

WHELK-O® is a registered trademark of Regis Technologies Inc. CHIROSIL® is a trademark of RStech Corporation.  CELERIS™, EVOKE™, and REFLECT™ are trademarks of Regis Technologies, Inc.